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Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Selling Old Gold Jewellery

Gold pricing has always been a stupendously difficult subject to study. Whenever you search for the best old gold selling rate in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or any of the top cities you are living in India to sell your gold ornaments at its first-rate terms, there are so many different factors that go into it.

It doesn’t mean you must stop studying and selling gold jewellery. Instead, read on to learn the most common mistakes while selling old gold jewellery in India.

Here is a quick look at gold jewellery sellers’ most common mistakes while trying to sell their old gold jewellery in India.

Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

1. Too high

This is a common mistake among sellers of gold jewellery. You will get more if you sell your gold jewellery in India at a reasonable price. The price should be decided while considering all the factors, including purity level and weight, as well as the general trend in the market.

Know the prices of your jewellery type from reliable sources like jewellery stores or other people, or research it online. With this information, you will better grasp the market and trends.

2. Trying To Sell Gold Jewellery From a Shop

This is not advisable unless you know the owner or are a regular customer in the shop. They have their policies. Even if they agree to pay you a higher price than the rest of the market, they will not share it.

Some people don’t realize the real value of gold. They might have purchased their jewellery years ago at a price that’s barely worth anything now, or maybe they don’t know why gold is so expensive in the first place. So it’s always better to think of more options around your known circle of people.

3. What You Should Do Instead

Try to sell gold jewellery through a top reliable gold buyer jeweller. Or, if that’s not possible, find an individual buyer and deal directly with them. Recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances are immensely valuable in these cases.

Avoid giving them any information over the phone or email that could lead to identity theft. Also, get the payment delivered to you in person instead of sending a cheque, money order, or other payment methods you can’t verify easily.

4. Taking Unnecessary Risk

This is especially true with online selling. There are countless scams, and online selling can sometimes be too informal to be trustworthy. There can be more than one person who says they are buying your gold jewellery, but one of them is not real and will disappear completely after taking more information about you.

5. Wrong Choice Of Gold Jewellery To Sell

This is another common problem. Some people think their gold necklace or a pair of earrings will get them the best price, but that’s not always true. In the marketplace, there is no such thing as the “best price.”  Different forms of gold jewellery have varying costs; you should know this information.

So knowing some detailed information about your jewellery type or ornament will increase your chances of getting a good price in their type.

6. Not Knowing Where to Find a Good Jeweller

Price factors may sometimes differ depending on the area you are searching. Let’s suppose you are living in Mumbai and after knowing the good old gold selling rate in Mumbai or anywhere you are selling your old in your area. Make sure the person you’re selling your old gold jewellery to has a strong reputation by checking their credentials first. It’s worth it to give a jeweller a chance if they’ve been in the business for a while.

You never know where you’ll come across the next great gem!

Additionally, authorized gold buyers must ensure that their customers are insured, and it’s their responsibility to follow all federal regulations for buying precious metals and gems. They also provide insurance with each purchase so you can be assured that your piece is properly cared for until the time comes that it gets sold.

7. Selling Gold Jewellery In a Way That Constitutes Risk For You

The best way to sell gold jewellery is to sell only when all the risks are off, and you are not taking any risk in selling. There are many ways in which selling too much gold jewellery can be risky for you, perhaps even putting your life at risk.

So sometimes, consider selling your jewels into pieces to avoid risks.


You surely know the value of your old gold jewellery. It’s just that every time you think about selling it, you’re so overwhelmed by the prospect of advertising and marketing your item or going through a lot of hassles that you hold back. You would be interested if there was a way to sell gold jewellery without all the fuss.

Well, we understand! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid while selling your jewels. These mistakes can make things seem even more complicated than they already are and will keep your precious gold safe from getting stolen.

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Gold prices are among the highest in the world, and one can earn excellent profit by selling gold
jewellery. But suppose you are in India and want to sell your gold jewellery for some in-hand cash. In
that case, you might need to be prepared for a few potential problems, like selling your precious
gold in India indicates that you will not receive payment until you have received the total amount of
money owed. This means that you should keep track of the full value of the item(s) you sell to
ensure you are paid what you deserve.

Owing to the rising price of gold in India, more people are turning their unwanted gold items and
accessories into cash with the help of local jewellery stores and jewellers. If you are one such person
who wants to sell gold jewellery, here is a step-by-step blog that will aid you in giving the best
possible price.

Here we will explain how to sell gold jewellery for cash in India

1.Go Research

Before selling your gold jewellery, it is vital to understand the gold rate in the market. The best way
to know the latest gold rate is by checking online portals or visiting your nearest pawnshop or gold
jeweller. The Research will help you estimate how much money you can expect from selling your
gold jewellery. It is important to recognize that the purity of your gold can affect the value of your

In India, 24 karat gold is considered the purest form of gold and thus commands a higher price than
22 karats or 18 karat gold. However, remember that 24 karat gold jewellery is softer and more prone
to scratches and dents than 22 karats or 18 karat gold jewellery.

2.Weigh Your Gold Jewellery

Once you know your gold jewelry’s current gold rate and purity, it is time to weigh it. For the correct
price estimation, we will use the weight of your gold jewellery to calculate the value of your
gold—one of the most straightforward methods of weighing your jewellery at your home using the
kitchen scale. If you want more accurate results, we recommend taking your gold jewellery to a local
pawn shop or gold jeweller for weighing. They will also estimate how much money you can expect
from selling your gold jewellery based on its weight and purity.

3.Decide Where To Sell

A few options are available if you want to sell your gold jewellery for cash in India. You can choose to
sell your gold jewellery to a local pawn shop or gold jeweller, or you can opt to sell it online. Local
pawn shops and gold jewellers are one of the easiest ways to sell your gold items. Most of these
businesses will be able to estimate how much your gold is worth and pay you cash on the spot.
However, it is important to remember that local pawnshops and gold jewellers may not always offer
the best prices for your gold. So, roam around a little more to get a more lucrative deal in any
reliable shop, as they must follow specific regulations when buying and selling precious metals.

4.Discuss, Debate, and Deal

Once you have determined how much your gold jewellery is worth and where to sell it. Do some
negotiation for an exemplary price with the buyer. This is where your haggling skills will come in

handy! Make sure you get your gold’s best price before agreeing to sell. Once you have decided on a
price, the buyer will pay you in cash or cheque, depending on their preference.
Don’t forget to pick the receipt of your gold payment for future reference and safety. And that’s it –
you’ve successfully sold your gold.
There are many factors that affect the price of gold, and by keeping the above things in mind, you’ll
be sure to get the most money for your unwanted gold jewellery. The most important thing to
remember when you sell your unwanted gold is to make sure that you know how much it’s worth
before you go to a jewellery store. Also, don’t panic if you’ve got a lot of gold jewellery and don’t
know how much it’s worth!

Takeaway – Find the best one near you

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